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Most OzBargainers would know who Lasoo is — Australia’s latest online catalogues site that’s part of Salmat. They provide online catalogues for many big retailers such as DickSmith, Aldi, IGA, Harvey Norman, etc — many are also hosted on retailers’ own domains. While I have been critical on their past attempt on a community website, their catalogue site has been a joy to use. I heard that the team there, once received catalogue from the retailer, has to manually dice and slice it up to produce individual offer pages. Yes, each offer has its own page so other websites can create deep-links into it. That’s crucial in today’s social media age of sharing — I much prefer sending my friends a link to that specific product in the catalogue, than sending my friends the link to the catalogue displayed in Adobe Flash, and then ask them to “turn to page 32. See?! It’s the green one at the bottom right corner.” That would be awkward.

Not to mention that individual offer pages are much easier to share and post on OzBargain. I’ve just counted and currently we have 1,146 deals from Lasoo and associated sites posted on OzBargain. Now, sharing offers on Lasoo to OzBargain is about to get even easier.

It has been in the making since May, and big thanks to Alison, Damien and their team there for making this happen. You can now go to any offer page on Lasoo, click on “Share”, and hit the OzBargain icon to have OzBargain deal submission page pops out in a new window with many fields already filled.

For example I am trying to share this Samsung Galaxy S III LTE phone from DickSmith (probably not, as MobileCiti sold the same AU stock SGS3 4G for just $469 last month).

Lasoo Sharing via OzBargain

When we see an incoming URL from Lasoo, OzBargain will then trying to figure out which store the offer belongs to. If the same offer has already been posted before, we will then redirect the visitor to the deal to reduce number of duplicates.

Feel free to leave the comments here or join the discussion in the OzBargain forums.

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