uLasoo is Closing Down

scotty on 24/07/2012 at 1:45 pm, filed under Website


Remember uLasoo, the deal sharing Salmat-backed deal sharing website of Australia’s biggest online catalogue that I have blogged about almost 4 years ago? Just got an email from “The Lasoo Team”:

Thanks for your support of our social experiment that was uLasoo. A place where we began a community where members truly owned part of the furniture. Some good things must come to an end, and uLasoo will be shutting down on 26 July…

The same message can also be found on their site. It’s unsurprising actually. If you take a look at their home page, the deal posting is all over the place. In fact, deals posted 3 years ago are still on the front page. Their plan to grow the site via profit sharing did not really work out either, and as I’ve mentioned in my blog, profile sharing social website would have been a dangerous territory that probably would not attract serious publishers.

Still, it’s a nice looking website despite haven’t really been updated for 4 years. Lasoo team are moving on with new projects though, as seen in their email message:

However, this isn’t the end of the social journey at Lasoo, in fact, it is just the beginning of a new social and mobile era. In the coming months a new socially aware shopping tool will be released for iPhone – lasoo.it.

It seems to be a product comparison app where you can scan the bar code, find items in Lasoo’s catalogues and find stores that sell that product. It also allows you to browse their catalogues on your beloved iDevices. Not really sure about “beginning of a new era”, as it has actually been released for iOS since August 2009, with Android and Win Phone version “coming soon”. Maybe an updated app with FB/Twitter integration? We’ll see.


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