Weekly 27/12/2007 – Boxing Day Sales

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First of all, I know it’s a bit late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think my weekly update on this blog has gradually shifted to fortnightly, and my blog posts have also been hit and miss. Maybe getting my act together and keep this blog alive shall be my new year resolution?!

Let me answer one frequently asked question first. Darren asked today:

Why doesn’t bargain blog simply list all the items in ozbargain? Ozbargain
seems to be far more up to date.

When you are comparing OzBargain and Bargain Blog, then yes. If you are a bargain seeker then the choice is easy. Subscribe to OzBargain and get your daily fresh dose of true Aussie bargains! Why then do we have a bargain blog that simply paraphrases what others have submitted in OzBargain?

Well. Long long time ago on an Internet domain far far away, Bargain Blog was born as a way for me to share some deals I found with my friends. Then some of you guys started sending me deals to be posted on my blog. At some point I got fed up with all the requests, so I launched OzBargain last year where everyone can just post their bargains themselves… This blog is now the official blog of OzBargain, where I can post about the best deals of the week, what has happened at OzBargain, all the new development, etc.

Clear? Anyway. Here are some great deals posted last week.

Domino Pizza — $3.95 on New Years Eve

Domino's We have not had a pizza deal for quite a while — and thanks to hallfamily24 for posting this deal to put a stop to our pizza cravings! On New Years Even only, you can get large Domino’s pizza pick up for $3.95.

Now, Domino’s “large” pizza has recently been criticised by Eagle Boys with their Full Size Large Pizza campaign. Yes, they are getting smaller and smaller — no doubt about that. However at $4-$5 per pizza with their regular coupons, I guess not many people would care. At least from the number of votes on that Eagle Boys deal, you know where most people will end up be buying from anyway.

To track the latest Domino’s coupons, use this link (and this RSS feed).

Boxing Day Stock Take Sales

Myer Stocktake Sale Lots of boxing day stock take sales posted this week. What do you expect? To many bargain hunters, the most exciting thing about Christmas is the Boxing Day sale!

I have actually been to none (but will go to the Toys “R” Us one tomorrow morning). Wish me luck grabbing something cheap. Thanks to winter and JeffreyM for posting these deals.

Free Delivery from OO.com.au and Deals Direct

Free delivery from OO.com.auhas already ended today at 4pm, but you still have a few minutes to get free delivery from Deals Direct. 10% off coupon for Deals Direct also reported to work.

Better be hurry if you have only seen these deals now!

Koorong vs. Word.com.au End of Year Sale

Let’s leave the battle between online department stores aside. Battle of Christian bookshops seems to be even more fierce. Koorong launched their end of year sale with 20% off everything, and 25% off when you spend $200 or more. How would WORD.com.au strike back?

They simply give us exactly the same deal, plus up to 50% off Christmas books, CDs and DVDs.

Both deals finish on January 5 so plenty of time to shop.

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