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scotty on 27/11/2006 at 4:36 pm, filed under OzBargain Just let me blow my own trumpet here. I am here officially launching, one of my “other” websites in development. It’s been in development over the last month, and some strange voice tells me that it is now ready to see the public. Do note that little green “Beta” at the top of the logo though — so be gentle and don’t break it :)

What is it?!

It’s a replacement for the old Bargain Blog forum, which is currently suspended. It’s more over community driven — people are encourage to submit and share the great bargains and deals they’ve found, and discuss them. All newly submitted deals appears in the New Bargains page. Moreover, users can vote on deals to push them onto the front-page. Or a list of most popular deals over the last 30 days. Hopefully with community effort, great deals will become more visible. What a great idea!!

Alright. It’s nothing new. Think social bookmarking services like Digg or Reddit or even the new Netscape. There are also thousand plus one implementations for bargains and deals like, Dealspy, Dealigg, Trezr or even RetailMeNot which I reviewed yesterday.

Except there’s nothing dedicated to the Australian shoppers. Hence I went ahead and did my own.

Why oh Why?!

I am a bit tired hunting down bargains and writing about them :)

Actually more I write about deals here, more I realise how little I know, and how limited resource I have. I am happy when one of you guys contacted me and post your latest coupons and bargains, “phew, now I have something to write about”. I figured that we might as well as making it an automated process — a website that everyone can share their bargain hunting and deal digging experience.

I have also realised that my realm of research is very limited. I am usually only interested in gadgets, electronics, computers and Internet. I thought it might be good to have categories like “Health and Beauty” or “Gifts and Flowers” — who knows that someone might be interested.

How can I participate?

Simply go to the OzBargain website and create an account. Then you should be able to submit links to bargains, participate in forums and vote for other bargains.

I do expect the service to be a bit of flaky at the moment, and am glad that you are happy to beta-test this new website. For any feedback and suggestion, please use the contact form or the feedback forum.

Why should I participate?

Oh please! Don’t keep that great bargain just to yourself!

There will be some “incentives” to encourage participation. I won’t say what it is (because I am still formulating in my mind), but do keep your eyes open.

Hi! I am a merchant. Can I participate?

Hmm. Maybe?

There has been quite a few retailers/merchants posting their bargains on the OzBargainBlog forums. I know it is on the border-line between spamming and submitting a good bargain, but I am happy for shops to announce and share good deals with the community.

Ideally a community driven site would weed out spam-looking posts as they don’t get enough votes and will quickly drop off the radar, however I think there will be some moderation going on to ensure would be consumer-focused.

How is it affecting OzBargainBlog?

I’ll still be blogging here, but I’ll have much more material to blog about :) Also this blog will also double-up as the blog for, and you’ll occasionally see my development related news (and rants).

Alright. That’s about it. Have fun!


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