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scotty on 24/11/2006 at 10:27 pm, filed under Bargain Blog

Just a quick update on this blog. Quite a busy week with a few updates.

We are moving again!

GPLHost Thank you Jumba! You have served us well. Price is cheap, server is usually fast, and this site seems to be up, most of the time. Definitely one of the best budget shared hosting — and they are now having 25% off sale with their old plans before they bring out new plans later this year.

However I just love my new VPS at GPLHost so much that I just have to move this site there. The server is still in Sydney, having MCI/Verizon network. It’s quite a bit more expensive, but should have enough capacity with my other projects.

Things you should know about advertising on

Quite a few people asked about advertisement on this blog over the last couple of weeks. Yup. I know it is a bit crowded with AdSense ads and text link ads, but they do pay for my excessive habit of getting web hosting accounts.

At the same time I do not wish to be “another salesman” for so and so company. I am writing here because I happen to be excited about cheap items you can buy and all that money you could save. It has nothing to do with building my own web content empire so I can earn million dollars from Google and sell all my sites for billion dollars to AOL.

So, back to advertisement. I wrote a page on it. Have a read before contacting me about it.

No more forums!

I’ve disabled the link to the OzBargainBlog forum. It is still there, but I’ve disabled all new postings.


I’ll be launching a new site for the Australian bargain hunting communities (if such thing exists). Soon’ish. I’ll post about it here soon’ish as well. It will have forums in there, which supersedes the forums here.

Stay tuned.

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