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Yet Another?

Snap It Up When the idea was first implemented, it was such a novel idea. When a similar site was built here, it surely can claim “Australia-first”. That does not take long for the first copycat to appear onto the scene. However, do we really need a 3rd one day deal site?

Maybe the market ain’t as saturated as I thought. Even for a small market here in Australia.

Snap It Up

Snap It Up is yet another Melbourne-based one-deal-one-day website that is also focusing on gadgets and electronics, i.e. the things I’m more interested in :) Their Joomla powered website is a bit flaky at the moment — stock template with mismatching image background colours, empty content, etc. It was launched just a few days ago, but they should have certainly fixed those issues before launching the site. Moreover, the write-ups and blogs aren’t even funny, unlike Zazz and Catch Of The Day who have adopted Woot’s model.

Nevertheless, the products are there, everyday changing at 12:00pm. There were some good deals there (like 22″ Chi-Mei LCD with DVI for less than $500), but looking at their current issues in the forum, I’ll wait for at least a month or two for them to get their site stabilised.

One-Day But Not Always Good Deal

Just a side note with these one-day-deal sites — they don’t always have the best price. However because of their marketing nature (“buy now otherwise you’ll miss out in 24 hours”), customers might feel compelled to buy psychologically. Personally I found some deals aren’t even cheap at Zazz, and it is worthwhile to do some research before hitting that “Give Me” button.

Yan at ProBargainHunter blog has also compiled a list of One Deal a Day Web Sites, which is useful to check out. As US market is much more competitive, there are heaps of website that offers great bargains and deals to customers, which us Aussies won’t have the privilege to experience. Not saying that I’m moving to US though, Australia is much better :) We’ll eventually see those ideas adopted by Australian retailers and marketers, and we will see the lag (between US and Oz) shortened as on-line market globalised.

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