Catch Of The Day

scotty on 30/10/2006 at 11:02 am, filed under Website

Catch Of The Day Homepage It appears that Zazz is not alone. Catch Of The Day is the new kids on the block of 24-hour-cheap-deal websites. Launched last Wednesday, it looks disgustingly similar to Zazz! — from its home page, 3 product images with Javascript roll-over on the front page, product discussion forum, dry humour on the product description, etc. Almost a clone, I’ll say. The website is also a bit buggy at the moment (like giving out tomorrow’s deal?) But who cares as long as it gives me cheap gadgets! :)

Catch Of The Day is also based in Melbourne (I guess that’s where all the good shoppings are), and is part of Daily Deals. So far for the last couple of days it has brought out quite a few great deals, so I decided to add them onto the sidebar, alternate with Zazz on the front page of this blog.

Thanks to young_dazza who notified me on the forum.


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