Click Frenzy 2014: Slightly More Deals, Slightly Less Quality

neil on 20/11/2014 at 12:02 pm, filed under Click Frenzy

102936--clickfail-ignites-web-stormClick Frenzy has a love/hate relationship with the bargain hunting community. The popular deals that come out of the event are great but are dominated by an overabundance of unpopular deals.

In terms of OzBargain, we had 53 official Click Frenzy deals posted on OzBargain (up from 45 last year) with 10 of them reaching the front page (>20 votes).  We also had 19 unofficial Frenzy deals posted of which 3 made it to the front page or about 15.7%. Last year, 5 unofficial “Frenzy” deals made it to the front page.

Event 2012 Mother’s Day EOFY Father’s Day 2013 2014
Front Page 4 3 10 8 9 10
All Deals N/A 18 33 23 45 53
% 16.66% 30.30% 34.78% 20.00% 18.90%


Almost half of the deals that made the front page were from the Microsoft Store.

The rest were from Dick Smith, Samsung, Adidas,  Florsheim, Coles and Target.

It’s a win for everyone. Click Frenzy makes money by signing up retailers to their event, retailers make money from added traffic, and the consumer, if they are a saavy shopper gets some good deals. For OzBargain, not only did the event contribute 13 popular deals but we also managed to reach over 1,000,000 pageviews for the first time on Tuesday.


Pageviews for Click Frenzy

OzBargain’s List of 86 Click Frenzy Sales

*Official deal means that it was a deal listed on Click Frenzy’s website. An unofficial deal is not listed on their website in which the retailer refers to a Frenzy deal.

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