This Week in OzBargain: June 14-20

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Jack Links Beef Jerky Free Sample (FB Req)

Posted June 19 tag Food & Groceries Expiry Expires June 30


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OzBargain has given $13,430 in our EOFY donation event. Donations were split based on user votes.

Technical Issues

We’ve had issues on all 3 of our servers this week. First the database server was overloaded, then our backup server went down, and on Thursday our web server’s clock started winding backwards.

Why do People fly Business or First Class?

The price difference between a business class ticket and economy can be huge. So why do people spend so much money on a business class ticket when they could save the money for use at their destination?

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Online Scams


This week is National Consumer Fraud Week, a week long event run by SCAMWATCH/ACCC. National Consumer Fraud Week 2013 is all about helping you ‘outsmart the scammer!’ by learning how to buy and sell safely online without being duped.

OzBargain has a number of countermeasures to block scammers and spammers from posting on our site and currently has 683 domains and 26738 users blocked on our site. This isn’t always enough and it’s important before you make a purchase to make sure you take the proper precautions. SCAMwatch has some good tips but we’d love to hear  your tips on the forum.

Picture of the Week



The Australian dollar has fallen 5% this week and 10% since April. Will the drop in the dollar affect bargains purchased from the US (Amazon) or overseas travel? Let’s hope it doesn’t drop anymore.


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