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SCAM sites using domains

There appears to be a loophole in registrations that allows anyone with an ABN to register a website even if it isn’t the registrants ABN. These sites are pretending to sell various items where all they are doing is collecting unsuspecting Australian consumers money.

Please avoid purchasing from these sites or if you have purchased from these sites, please comment in this OzBargain thread.


50% Wii U at DSE

In a surprise to many, Dick Smith decided to sell the Wii U at 50% off ($214). It’s unusual for a console less than a year old to have such a significant discount.


In the chart below, it took the original Wii around 4 years to reach a 50% reduction in price.



Below is the chart for Wii U prices. It has taken less than a year for the Wii U to be reduced by 50% in price.


It may be a rough ride for Nintendo as it feels mounting pressure from Playstation and XBox sales.


New fees for 28 Degrees Card


OzBargainer favourite credit card, 28 Degrees, has now closed its popular withdrawal loophole that allowed customers to load the card with a positive balance before traveling overseas in order to get free withdrawals. From January 1, 2014 a $4 or 3% fee (whichever is greater) will be charged on a cash withdrawal. Citibank offers an alternative option for the time being.

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Picture of the Week


If this is free when I buy a meat pie, you will have all of my business. What do you reckon? Via

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