OzBargain January 2013 Photo Contest

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10 pictures for $10.

In the picture above are 10 images relating to deals, forums posts or stores on OzBargain. The first to correctly identify all of the images will win your choice of 1 x $10 gift card to one of the following stores (Amazon, Amazon.co.uk, Bunnings, JB Hi-Fi, iTunes, Skype) AND an OzBargain T-shirt. Feel free to send as many entries as you want. I will be giving clues during the week.

How to Enter:

Send a private message to me OR send us a message on Facebook OR direct message OzBargain Buzz on Twitter.

In the message, include your guesses for all 10 pictures. Please give us specific links or URLs in the guesses when required.

The following is what we are looking for in terms of answers:

1 – Location (Name of place) or Deal (URL).
2 – Deal (URL).
3 – Store (Name or URL).
4 – Deal (URL) or Location (Name of place).
5- Forum thread (URL)
6- Deal (URL).
7- Store (Name or URL).
8- Store (Name or URL).
9- Store (Name or URL).
10 –┬áStore (Name or URL) or Location (Name of place).

Contest ends January 28, 2013 (12PM EST) or when a person correctly guesses all 10 images. If no one correctly guesses all 10 images by January 28, 2013 (12PM EST), we will select the person who correctly identifies the most images.

Update: For clarity, images 7 & 9 are 2 different images.

Hint #1: Question 10 seems to be tripping people up. Well, I took that picture myself in Melbourne and it’s never appeared on OzBargain. It was taken in Melbourne, is a store that has been around for a long time, and has multiple locations across Australia. Additionally, there have been deals posted for this store.

Update: The contest is now over. Lots of interesting guesses.

The correct answers are:

1 – Location: Cathy Freeman Park or Sydney Olympic Park.
Deal: Free Movies by the Boulevard: 8.30pm 2nd-13th January @ Cathy Freeman Park (Sydney Olympic Park)

2 – Deal: Johnnie Walker King George V & FREE Johnnie Walker Blue – $499.99! Free Delivery

3 – Store: Dominos

4 – Deal: – Free Hotdogs for PizzaHut Promotion at Parramatta, NSW in Front of Parramatta Town Hall
Location: Parramatta or Parramata Town Hall

5 – Forum: Photo Comp – Submit Your “Being an OzBargainer” Photo to Win Gift Vouchers!

6 – Deal: Free Ramen 7-9 Dec 2012 at Hakataya Ramen, Mount Gravatt, Garden City Shopping Centre, QLD

7 – Store: 7/11

8 – Store: Woolworths or Woolworths Mobile

9 – Store: Amazon.com

10 – Store: David Jones
Location: David Jones Melbourne, 4th floor lifts

Someone guessed MSY for question 10. Thanks for the laugh.

Congrats to ldstr.

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