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View from my pod: City view on the left, a Mac for people to use, SKY News on TV

Earlier this year, a deal was posted on OzBargain which allowed you to upgrade your Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer program from red status to silver. The benefits are minimal for Australians for one exception: Free membership to Regus Businessworld Gold.

Here are the important features you get from a Regus membership:

  • Walk in access to business lounges and cafes
  • Free internet access and refreshments on every visit

Regus business lounges can be found all over the world. For Australia, there are 4 in Melbourne, 12 in Sydney, 4 in Brisbane, 1 in Adelaide4 in Perth,  1 in Canberra, 1 in Surfer’s Paradise, and 1 in Wollongong. On this occasion, I visited the branch at 120 Collins St., Melbourne.


Layout: It’s fairly straightforward. Give your card to the receptionist who will then swipe you in. You are free to sit anywhere in the business lounge. I decided to sit in one their pods which is equipped with a power outlet and Ethernet port. You also have access to a kitchen where you can heat up food or sit and do work. Lounge configurations do vary as not all locations have pods and some only have just seats. Two televisions were mounted in the lounge showing SkyNews.

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Internet: All lounges are equiped with Wi-Fi which when connected, you will simply need to enter your Regus card number when prompted. Keep in mind the Wi-Fi is unencrypted, so it’s wise to enable a VPN. There is no limit on the number of devices you can connect to the Wi-Fi as I managed to connect both my laptop and iPad. There were no issues with speed. For those without Wi-Fi, you can connect via the Ethernet port. While free Wi-Fi may not be a big deal in Australia, in places like Japan where  Wi-Fi (paid or free) is rare, having a Regus lounge to pop into can be handy.

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Refreshments: Any snacks or soft drinks will cost you money (honour system) however coffee and water are free. The coffee was made by a machine that not only grinded the beans automatically but was also capable of making cappuccinos, espressos and a couple other types of coffee with just a press of a button.

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View of the city. Phone and Mac at your disposal.

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You can still get a free Regus Businessworld Gold membership via United Airlines.

Note from the T&C:

Should you use more than ten days in a single Provider centre per month we reserve the right to charge an additional usage fee.

Don’t expect this to be your permanent office but for the occasional user who needs to do work, study, or just chill out, the Regus business lounge is good value for money ($0).


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