Click Frenzy 2013: More quantity but less quality

neil on 22/11/2013 at 3:10 pm, filed under Click Frenzy

102936--clickfail-ignites-web-stormClick Frenzy had its 5th shopping event on Nov 19. It seems that with every new event there is less interest by everyday consumers. That didn’t stop the PR crew from recruiting a reporter from Fairfax to publish 6 Click Frenzy articles in a course of 7 days. Strangely there was no coverage from News Limited Papers. They even created a PR stunt stating that they are threatening legal action against Kogan for jumping on the frenzy bandwagon without paying Click Frenzy. The press regarded these vague legal threats as a PR stunt to promote both sales yet the media still published the story.

In terms of OzBargain, we had 45 official Click Frenzy deals posted on OzBargain (up from 23) with 9 of them reaching the front page.  Interestingly, we had 16 unofficial Frenzy deals posted of which 5 made it to the front page or about 31%. In the Father’s Day Click Frenzy event, 3 unofficial deals made it to the front page.


Event 2012 Mother’s Day EOFY Father’s Day 2013
Front Page 4 3 10 8 9
All Deals N/A 18 33 23 45
% 16.66% 30.30% 34.78% 20.00%

Nine front page deals is on par with the last 2 events however the doubling of all ClickFrenzy deals compared to the last event is an interesting statistic. An increase in the amount of unofficial front page deals may support the position that you don’t need to be part of a paid shopping event to have a good deal. In either case, Click Frenzy continues to add more good deals for OzBargainers.

*Official deal means that it was a deal listed on Click Frenzy’s website. An unofficial deal is not listed on their website in which the retailer refers to a Frenzy deal.

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