Blocking Stores and Users on Deal Listing Pages

scotty on 22/06/2012 at 12:01 pm, filed under OzBargain

It is one of many small handy features that got implemented on OzBargain unannounced, except this request got marked as “Resolved”. Do you know that you can customise your OzBargain Front Page and New Deals Page by hiding stores and users that you are not particularly fond of? Rather than complaining, “hey I am an Android user but why do you show me all these free iOS games?” you can just

  1. Go to iTunes Store listing page

  2. Just select one of the deals that you hated most

  3. From a list of cryptic looking options under the main deal description, locate “Hide from Listing” and click on it

  4. Click on the checkbox “Hide deals from store iTunes Store

Be gone! No more iTunes Store deals on the deal listing pages!

We actually have this feature running for 7 months already and so far only 128 users have been using it, blocking out a total of 374 stores and users from their deal listing pages. Here are the top 5 stores that are blocked on OzBargain:

  1. Greenman Gaming — I have no idea. They seem to be relatively popular on OzBargain as a UK based retail for PC downloadable games. I guess the console people are sick of them getting onto front page?

  2. Steam — again, I guess the console gamers are blocking them for all the great and cheap games they are missing out :)

  3. Koorong — I can see why Christian bookshops are getting unpopular, consider from the latest Census Australians are getting more liberal and unreligious (not to mention scotty is the #1 poster of Koorong deals :)

  4. Catch of the Day — Not surprising here, as Catch of the Day deals have always been controversial on OzBargain, since the early “Crash of the Day” era. They have picked up their game a lot these days and remain one of the top online retailer in Australia. But I guess haters gonna hate…

  5. iTunes Store — This is the very reason why this feature was implemented. There are actually more than twice number of users blocking iTunes Store than Catch of the Day — way too many Android fanboys out there sobbing for the fact that there just aren’t enough Google Play deals (I myself included).

So next time — if you spot a store that you do not want to see despite everyone else voted them up, use the “Hide from Listing” feature.


  1. Jeremy:

    Top article as always Scotty. Hope to see more, especially about web traffic. I like watching OzBargain’s popularity increasing. (I see your alexa rank has majorly improved in Australia now. :D)

    22/06/2012 @ 5:15 pm
    • EoFY — busy time at OzBargain :) Hopefully we’ll be churning out more blog posts for the second half of this year as now neil would be writing here as well. Also,

      1) We are adding new features multiple times a month and these new features aren’t really utilised by the community. It would be good to write about them to get people’s attention.

      2) At the same time we are also collecting quite a lot of data — things people like, things people don’t like, etc. It would also be nice to actually analyse them to see whether there’s any interesting patterns.

      22/06/2012 @ 5:22 pm
      • Jeremy:

        Sounds like awesome things are happening at the OB HQ. (Who am I kidding OB wouldn’t have an HQ unless there are coupons for real estates. :P) But seriously, great work. I have been here since 2008 and I must say that the OB redesign is probably the only redesign I have approved of on the net.

        22/06/2012 @ 7:46 pm
  2. Clarky:

    I would like to see DSE (online store) banned from OzB all together. They are misleading people. I will be adding the ban to my profile, thanks.

    14/10/2014 @ 10:57 am
  3. Greatwhitehunter:

    I’d be more interested to see the list of top 5 USERS blocked…

    I could guess a few names…

    16/09/2016 @ 2:13 pm

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