Weekly Bargains – Free AVG Pro, Free Movies, 8% Off Big W Entertainment

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Some of the most voted bargains this week.

Free Antivirus Software

AVG Pro Do you find your Windoze-powered computer infested by virus most of the time? Your 30-day free trial antivirus package that came with your computer has already expired? Maybe it is time to grab some commercial grade antivirus software — for free! You can either download AVG Pro 7.5 for free until Jan 17, or buy Norton Antivirus 2007 for $39.95 from Harris Technology or OfficeWorks, and then get $40 back from mail-in rebate (effectively free after all).

Fortunately my primary computer (my work laptop) comes with CA eTrust Antivirus that is frequently updated, and my wife’s laptop runs AVG Free Edition — no problem so far. Although personally I hates antivirus software as it adds more overhead when you open applications, download files, etc, but it is kind of a necessary evil when you are unfortunately enough to run Windoze everyday. It is not the matter of “I don’t visit dodgy sites, I run Windows update every 2 days, and I will be fine”. There have been cases of 0-day exploits on pwn3d legitimate sites…

Thanks to kcyw and chrisg for submitting these deals.

Free Movies — Juno and 27 Dresses

Thanks to dansor for posting these deals, where you can get free screening of Juno and 27 Dresses.

Juno 27 Dresses
(Click on the image to go to the deal)

8% Off Big W Entertainment

Thanks to mgexiled for posting this deal where you can get 8% off from Big W Entertainment before Jan 11 (including CD, DVD, games, etc). The discount only applies online.

Big W Entertainment 8% Off

Happy new year everyone!

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