Weekly 13/12/2007 – ThinkPad, VideoEzy, Pennytel and JB Hi-Fi

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Sorry for skipping a week last week. Well, I was busy organising the server move, I was sick, and yes I think I have advanced my ranking in the “Australia’s slackest blogger” leaderboard :) Fortunately the bargain hunters at OzBargain have been working hard last week sharing many great bargains.

Lenovo Thinkpad T61 Only $1,199

Lenovo Thinkpad T61 Following last month’s Thinkpad T60 sale, Lenovo is now offering their award-winning Thinkpad T61 for $1,199 to members of Lenovo Affinity Purchase Program (or $1,299 otherwise). You get Core 2 Duo T7500 (2.2Ghz), Vista Home Premium, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 15.4″ WXGA LCD, etc. Thanks to jackychen for posting this.

A nice price for this solid built business class notebook, although besides the CPU the spec is a bit “basic”. Upgrading it to 2GB RAM, a DVD burner and 3 year warranty brings the price up to $1,661. Still a good price for this machine, but not as cheap as it appears to be initially.

Rent One Get One Free from VideoEzy

Thanks to dansor for posting this deal — Rent one DVD/video get one FREE of a lesser or equal value @ VideoEzy.

VideoEzy Rent One Get One Free

Limit one per membership and expires end of January.

Pennytel’s VoIP to Mobile Flatrate

Pennytel Logo My wife rang my sister-in-law in Melbourne on Monday and talked for 30+ minutes. Afterwards she went, “ouch, I think I called her mobile number!” because somehow AAPT “accidentally” disconnected thier land phone. Anyway, this latest deal from Pennytel — 28.88 cent flat-rate calls to Aussie mobiles, would have saved me a small fortune!

Pennytel already has super-low call rate at 12.78 cents per minute to the mobiles, so you’ll actually come up in front if you make calls longer than 135 seconds. What about if you hate talking on the phone and struggle to converse with someone for more than 20 seconds? No problem! It is actually a toggle-able option in your account interface so you can change fro and back at will.

Thanks to Minotaur for sharing this deal.

10% Off All Computers at JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi 10% Off All Computers You probably won’t associate JB Hi-Fi with “computers”, but you might now have to because they are having a 10% off all computers sale until this Sunday! That is 10% off Apple, 10% off Acer, 10% off Asus, HP and Toshiba! It is still a very good deal if it’s just 10% off recommended retail price. Thanks to bevisaurus for posting this deal. Also thanks to Iain who works in JB Hi-Fi to confirm with the deal. It is only applying to floor items and no custom builds.

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