Weekly 29/11/2007 – Caltex StarCash, Jet vs. Tiger, Myer Family and Friends

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Some of the best bargains posted last week:

$5 Caltex StarCash WhatsOnSale.com.au Promotion

Caltex StarCash A new website is launching in spring 2007 (which is only one more day to go) — WhatsOnSale.com.au is offering 500 $5 Caltex StarCash vouchers to those who have signed up membership before its launch. Yes we love freebies! Thanks to barguy for posting this deal.

Now I am wondering what “WhatsOnSale.com.au” is about. Aren’t subscribing to OzBargain enough to keep you aware what’s on sale? :) Anyway, here is the small snippet from the promotional website:

At whatsonsale.com.au you’ll be able to find all the sales, retailers, catalogues and vouchers you want to make your shopping life easier.

We’ll see.

Cheap Flights — Jetstar vs. Tiger Airways

War between budget airlines continues this week.

Jetstar vs. Tiger Airways

Let me declares the victory to Tiger Airways this week as they get more votes. Most importantly, unlike Jetstar, their servers actually stand the Attack of Sales! More fights is expected this week. Interestingly VirginBlue seems to have kept themselves out from this battle. Maybe they have smartened up and don’t want to be the loss leader.

Myer Christmas Shopping Event

Myer Shopping Event Thanks to jdoung for posting the long-awaited Myer Christmas Shopping Event for Staff Family and Friends! It is from 24-26 November so it has already expired.

While it gives very good deal, don’t forget the whole “friends and family” thing might just be Myer’s effort of viral marketing! I know at least a few friends of mine took the bite (again) this year, thinking it is something “exclusive”. Well, it is a good deal, but definitely not exclusive. It seems half of Sydney is a family or friend (of friend of friend) of a Myer staff…

Silverlit PicooZ Minature Helicopter from Big W

PicooZ Thanks to simon.sch for posting this deal. Big W is having a sale at the moment, and this genuine PicooZ Minature Helicopter can be yours for $19.76!

I am not a remote helicopter fan so I have no idea what’s the right price for these. However from the comments where someone bought out the entire stock of PicooZ helicopters in a Big W store this morning, you know it is cheap!

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