ViewSonic n4060w 40inch LCD TV $2999 at Dell

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ViewSonic n4060w LCD TV Here’s another temptation. Dell not only provides good price on personal computers, servers and monitors, they also sell LCD TV’s made by other companies at very cheap price.

From their latest email catalogue, Dell is now selling ViewSonic n4060w 40 inch LCD TV with $700 discount. Final price? $2,999 delivered. Only when you purchase on-line before 5th of May 2006. 4 weeks delivery.

That is around $300+ cheaper than all other shops in Australia according to staticICE and ShopBot, and almost as cheap as plasma displays of similar size.

It’s a HD model with 1360 x 768 native resolution, 800:1 contrast and fast 8ms response time. It supports HDMI/HDCP, D-Sub and 2x S-video input. It however only has 2x analogue TV tuner, but HDTV tuner can also be bought cheap these days from even your local super markets. CNet has an interesting review on the image quality:

The default picture settings revealed some immediate image quality issues. Particularly, colours appeared to be overly saturated and washed out, an issue that’s most noticeable with warm colours such as yellow, red and orange… Thankfully, a little tinkering with the contrast, brightness and colour settings mostly resolved these issues.

It’s far from perfect, but the ViewSonic N4060W represents great value for money…

Maybe Dell discounted it to give way to an updated product? Then it’s a good time to pick up previous model with a bargain.

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Updated 2006-05-05. If you think paying $3,000 for a 40 inch LCD TV is too expansive, how about $2,000 for a 37 inch LCD TV? Paying $1,000 less and getting only 3″ smaller. There has been quite a few vendors selling “generic brand” 37 inch LCD TV’s for cheap.

Both are fast 8ms panels with HD compatible 1366 x 768 resolution. Deals Direct’s might be a better value because (1) 10% discount coupon before 7 May (2) $1 delivery before 8 May (3) 3 year warranty. However you can pick up ALDA’s in their shop, and it offers better contrast.

Large flat panel TV’s has never been so affordable.

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