Toy “R” Us 25% off Digital Camera, $10 off MP3 Players

scotty on 02/05/2006 at 1:11 pm, filed under Uncategorized

People love Mothers’ Day. It is the day where mothers around the world should be honoured. Retail stores love Mothers’ Day. It is just another execuse for them to put on sales, even the products might not be directly related. However the shoppers don’t mind — a bargain is a bargain regardless the occation.

Toys “R” Us is having their Mothers’ Day sale on their “exclusive” email offer. I am not that interested in discounted Bratz or Crazy Flog stuff toys, however as “gadgets” somehow also fit into the category of “toys”, they do have interesting products on sale every now and then. Two caught my eyes this time —

  • Save 25% on any digital camera.

    Toys R Us 25% Off Digital Camera

  • Save $10 on any MP3 players.

    Toys R Us $10 Off MP3 Players

Both offer expire on 11th of May. One coupon per purchase, but there does not seem to have limit on number of coupons or number of purchases each customer can have.

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