Samsung S600 Camera + 512Mb SD $228 from Big W

scotty on 22/11/2006 at 8:44 pm, filed under General

Samsung S600 $228 from Big W From Big W‘s latest catelogue, Samsung S600 digital camera + 512Mb SD card bundle can be yours for $228. I don’t think you can have it cheaper elsewhere (at least from my brief research).

What does it have?

  • 6M pixel CCD
  • 3x optical zoom + 5x digital zoom
  • 2.5in LCD screen at 112,000 pixels
  • 2x AA battery
  • Weight 136g

It’s an entry level P&S camera, but what impresses me is its 5cm macro mode (if you ever need to take any product picture) and 640×480 30fps movie mode. Shooting MJPEG movies at that resolution and frame rate, no wonder they need to bundle a 512Mb SD card :)

I’ve also noted the come back of $998 Aiko 81cm LCD TV. Looks like this is going to be their everyday price.

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