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The team at are giving things away. We are running a competition which allows you unlimited chances to win one of 10 major prizes.

And even if you don’t win one of the major prizes, you will win a $5 discount that you will have 3 months to use on any order at (discounts issued as coupons at end of promotion) Everyone’s a Winner. The exciting part is for every friend, family member or colleague that you forward this mail on to, you will receive an extra entry into the draw for the major prizes as well as another $5 discount (limit one per order). As an example, if you send it to 5 friends, you will receive 6 entries into the draw plus 6 discounts of $5 each. So forward this to everyone you know and you might end up with a FREE 94cm LCD TV.

Yup. Everyone’s a winner! Enter to win a 94cm LCD TV. Even if you don’t win, you’ll get a $5 discount coupon. Moreover, refer a friend and you’ll get up to 6 $5 discount coupons.

Major prize draw will take place on 1st August 2006, which means you still have less than a week to enter the draw. Oops. Maybe I should not be blogging here to have too many people competiting.

Enter the competition here.

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