ToiletPaperGate 2015

neil on 12/05/2015 at 2:50 pm, filed under OzBargain

Woolworths sometimes offers coupon codes to use to obtain discounts on their website. The best ways of using these codes is to stack them with other codes. Quilton Toilet Paper was on sale at the last week of April. By utilizing a number of different coupon codes together, users were able to get it down to $.34/roll and at one point down to $.08/roll. Unfortunately, at $.08 per roll, Woolworth decided to cancel the orders but many were successful as seen by the pictures below.

90% off Quilton 3- or 4-Ply Toilet Tissue 38x8pk $25.78 ($0.08/Roll) @ Woolworths [EDR Req’d]














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  1. Dude Meister:

    Absolute hillarious time. Unfortunately the OP (as I recall it) copped it for supposedly blowing the whistle to Woolies.
    But kiddies we must remember that while we like to extract the best deal we can from retailers like woolies, they should still remain our friends, which I thought was a good move by the deals OP to call and ask woolies whether using multiple codes to make TP almost free, was valid.

    26/08/2016 @ 6:26 am

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