Nexus 4, Google and Click Frenzy

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Yesterday was supposed to be the glorious day where Google released their 4th generation Nexus Phone — Nexus 4 — on sale at their Google Play store (in AUD$349 for 8GB and AUD$399 for 16GB variants). At that price tag and top of the spec hardware (in comparison to other hero phones such as Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X and iPhone 5), it was expected to be a hot sale. When the latest Nexus-trio got announced at Google event 2 weeks ago, deal was posted on OzBargain and quickly got voted to 170+ votes.

However, the launch day sale was a bit of letdown.

Nexus 4 Soldout

The sale starts at 11AM ADST on Google Play store in Australia. Within an hour the 16GB version were all sold out, and not soon afterwards the 8GB version were all gone as well. As reported by Ausdroid and Android Australia, there are certainly lots of disappointments. One of the most highly anticipated phone this year that can’t be ordered most of the time — for real Google?!

The disappointment does not stop in Australia. It was sold out within 30 minutes in UK, roughly 15 minutes in Germany and 50 minutes in the US. Not only the availability is scarce, there are also reports of Google Play site having difficulty to meet the demand (as discussed on Hacker News).

C’mon. If you think of ONE company that can build a website that can handle the surge of traffic, it would be Google. Maybe even they themselves have underestimate how popular Nexus 4 is going to be?

Shutup and Take My Money!
Just one typical Android fanboi getting annoyed at Google.

That makes me worried about the up-coming Australian one-day online sale event — Click Frenzy. The same concern was raised on Sydney Morning Herald this morning.

With an estimated 1 million people expected to walk through the “virtual doors” of the Click Frenzy website, there are fears some shopping sites will crash.

Some?! Over here we regularly see e-Commerce sites getting ozbargained with just thousands of clicks. Worse if you get featured on mass media like ACA and TT. Just over the past 2-3 weeks — Gray’s Outlet $1 item and Catch of The Day freebies promotion both crashed their websites hard (and some traffic actually overflowed to OzBargain, which is a good thing for us :) If you are expecting 1 million online shoppers crashing your gate — you better get your gears ready.

We have our Click Frenzy discussion thread here just in case their site can’t take the traffic. Although so far the community has been underwhelmed with some of the revealed offers.


  1. onebutters:

    The Nexus 4 represents amazingly good value. The only reason why its not published on Ozbargain is because it’s a standard price. Everyone knows that for hardware that good, the RRP is a blitzing bargain so its absolutely no surprise they sold out that quickly. To complain that they don’t have enough stock is so typical of the attitude of many on OB.

    14/11/2012 @ 11:17 am
    • Or maybe we just have too high the expectation from the Big G? It’s obvious that Nexus 4 is going to sell like hotcakes. Just that we did not expect Google wasn’t prepared.

      14/11/2012 @ 1:13 pm
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