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1 Day, 3 Deals 1-Day.com.au is the latest 1 day/24 hour deal site in Australia. Instead of one single deal everyday for 24 hours, it gives you 3 deals every day. Moreover, the cycle starts at 10am AEST each morning, instead of weird hours like 12am which compels people to stay up late at night.

1-Day.com.au is part of of Torpedo7, a New Zealand-based company selling bicycles and parts online. The website is even hosted in Auckland with a quick look up. I guess it does not really bother me a bit which side of Tasman Sea it belongs to, as long as they have an .au website and is easily accessible by the Aussies.

Now, it is good to see new deal sites keep on popping up, although one such site, Snap It Up which I reviewed last year, has since ceased operation. After all, it is a lot of hard work running 1 day deal sites that need to push out new deals every day 365 days a year. But not just perseverance, you also need great products at a price that no one else can beat. Has 1-Day.com.au got it?

Take today’s deal for example — 5km range Walkie Talkie for $59, video Baby Monitor for $129 or Dickies Work Shorts for $34 — they are definitely well priced. However, I won’t say that those products are “desirable”, which is critical to those 1-day sale sites. Most people hang around Zazz at around 12am to buy things, not just because “hey, it is cheap”, but also “hey, I want that, and it is only available for 24 hours!”.

Another important feature that Zazz and One Item have, but sites like 1-Day.com.au and Catch of the Day don’t is a community. An online business with a well-managed community not just build customers, but build loyal followers who will bring even more customers.

1-Day.com.au does have some unique features though. For example, when you go into product’s page, and you will see a horizontal bar showing the “Live Remaining Stock” which is pretty cool. It shows how likely you are going to get the very last bargain, and it also shows how hot an item is, from how fast it has sold during different hours of the day.

Anyway. The site is new, and it seems to bring in good bargains. I know where I will tune in at 10am every morning.

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  1. Jeff:

    i would not recommend catch of the day. the customer service is bad they never return emails and never send the stock you have paid for. its been 21 days and counting for me to receive my items with no result and no answers to my emails. a word of recommendation stay clear of catchoftheday.com.au .

    10/09/2008 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

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