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scotty on 17/12/2006 at 9:56 pm, filed under Website

Buckscoop website Just found another great Aussie cashback shopping site — Buckscoop, with its tagline “shopping… with a cherry on top”. It’s a new website (since Nov 2006), and WA-based. Its front-page pretty much tells us what this site is:

Scoop: Earn cashack at loads of major online shops
Save: Browse the hottest member-submitted deals
Share: Hang out with other Buckscoop members

Wow. It’s like OzRewards (which I reviewed back in May) + OzBargain (which I launched back in Nov as well).

Like OzRewards, it gives you cashback/rewards when you purchase from its affiliated merchants, and it actually has a pretty good list of it and very well categorised. The same deal — you login, find the shop, click through, make purchase, and you’ll get a percentage cashback from Buckscoop. You can then set up a pay out threshold, so whenever you’ve collected enough cashback from Buckscoop, it would automatically deposit that amount into your PayPal account.

I have a brief sample of some of the retail stores there, and the cashback rate is actually very good. For example you’ll get 2.5% back from Deals Direct, 3% from OO.com.au, 2.5% from Wishlist.com.au, etc. They are generally better than OzRewards and Email Cash, and checking against some affiliation networks, Buckscoop is giving back roughly 50% of the commissions — very very generous! (Unlike me, who keeps every single cent. Bwahahahaha!)

Moreover they have a large collection of online shops which most people can get bored pretty quickly browsing through it. Here’s an idea for you Buckscoop admins and developers — I think you guys should make a RetailMeNot bookmarklet, that a shopper can click while inside an online shop, and a popup window will appear showing whether the current shop is affiliated with Buckscoop so you can earn cashback.

It is definitely a website that I’ll use when I go online shopping next time.

Another aspect of Buckscoop is its “community”. It allows its members to submit deals, coupons, rate the submissions, and use the forum to chat amongst each other. They even have competitions to encourage community building.

That sounds exactly like that hobby website I launched late last month. They serve the same purpose — community-driven deal hunting. In fact I was initially a bit hesitated to blog about Buckscoop as it’s a better looking website that can feel a bit “threatening”. At the end I guess I just can’t let a great Aussie bargain site slip through.

Anyway. Please head down there, create an account, and catch up on your Christmas shopping :) Went to East Gardens Westfield yesterday and it was so crowded it took me ages to find a parking. Online shopping is the way to go…

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